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Founded by two second-generation Dominicanas, NI AQUÍ, NI ALLÁ (NaNa) was initially imagined in 2009 and eventually created in early 2010.

Inspired by the coils of our curly hair, the radiant color of our skin, the trials and tribulations of our immigrant families, the seasonings of our food, the pulsating rhythm of our music and the beauty of this grand earth in which we live in, we created this blog with the hopes of providing a raw and uncensored perspective on life & the overall experience of living between two worlds...neither here, nor there.

Through the publication (and sometimes re-publication) of analytical insights, thought-provoking imagery and personal accounts of our own life journeys, NI AQUÍ, NI ALLÁ aims to promote dialogue and awareness on a range of topics affecting Latinos and other minority groups & communities.